Teys Grassland Scotch Fillet

$ 34.5 - 250g

With green grass, fresh air, clean water all year round assures this is one of the best natural quality grass-fed beef in the world.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Certified Black Angus Porterhouse

$ 32.50 - 250g

Angus is known for their ability to consistently produce high quality beef. The superior quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-muscular marbling fat during the finishing phase and excellent tenderness, texture, flavour and meat colour. This premium grass-fed beef is from Gippsland and is an absolute must for steak lovers.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Tey’s Gold Eye Fillet

$ 46 - 200g

Teys Bros is the largest Australia-owned beef processor with a second-to-none reputation for consistent quality and reliability. This120 day grain-fed British breed beef from Rockhampton has a tender, silky texture that is simply mouth watering.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Goulbourn Valley T-Bone

$ 55 - 600g

Free-ranged British breed cattle, raised on lush southern grazing pastures with 100 day grain-fed, the beef is dry aged and is guaranteed tender. Dry aging is an art that requires extensive training and knowledge. This old-fashion method allows the juices to be absorbed into the meat. The result is bolder, tenderer steaks with a buttery succulence.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Damatina Wagyu Porterhouse

$79 - 250g

Japanese breed, typically highly marbled, full flavoured with relatively low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol. Natural grasses, 350 day grain-fed, MS 6+. MSA

Gluten FreeDairy Free