$ 19.5

Char grilled scallop and pancetta brochettes served on a grana padano, pear and rocket salad

Gluten Free

Stuffed Calamari

$ 21.50

Australian Calamari, stuffed with prawn and barramundi, char grilled and served on Balkan style potato salad.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Antipasto plate


Selections of delicatessen cold meats, smoked salmon, anchovie fillets, char grilled calamari, marinated vegetables and pickles

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Garlic Prawns

$ 21

Extra-large Australian prawn cutlets sizzling in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and a pinch of chilli.

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Chorizo Al Vino Bianco

$ 16.50

Spanish style spicy sausage slices sizzling in freshly diced tomato, shallot and white wine

Gluten FreeDairy Free

Vegetable and Polenta Stack

$ 15

Char grilled vegetable and Portabella mushroom dressed with basil pesto and stacked on a polenta cake

Gluten Free