Australian Winelist of The Year Award 2017 – Two Glasses Rating
(Highly Recommended)

‘It’s a list that speaks of owner-operators who are
wide-eyed wine lovers, wishing to celebrate the global
diversity of wine with their diners. A list that gives
drinkers every opportunity to satisfy their desire to satisfy their desire to drink wines of repute and comfort, or to dive into something a little unknown. It’s great to see incredible, cellar-aged wines like top end 1992 Bollinger Grand Annee, or biodynamic cult wine like 2010 Radford Riesling, then have the opportunity to drink significant bottles from landmark producers like Wynns, Tim Adams or Wild Duck Creek. The list has a broad theme that seems to embrace all styles and all regions, with an eye on classic offerings rather than avant garde, with the additional benefit that Mediterraneo seems to enjoy cellaring wines for long periods before release, a rare currency in the current climate of wine lists. Indeed, wine aficionados should make a bee-line to pick out some of these mature gems!’

Australian Winelist of The Year Award 2016 – Two Glasses Rating 

‘A selection of great Australian wines and styles at affordable prices are the heart of this list.
It’s not parochial as it spreads out to include champagne, New Zealand pinot noir and
European favouritessuch as gruner veltliner or something a bit different such as malvasia from Croatia.’

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